The phrase, "It takes a village to raise a child" is often used when
there are many people involved in a child's life.  
The same is true for ministry at Gateway.  
A huge team of volunteers dedicate their time and talents to ministry each week. 


Gateway Church Board Member List: 

Gene Spinozzi—Secretary; Randy Lovett—Treasurer
Lee Beaty; Wally Borchard; Toby Elder; Scott Merrin;  
Wally Simpkins; Steve Swartz

Gateway Ministry Leaders:

Rod Amstutz—NYI*
Fredda Koupal—NMI*
Eliel Morales—Hispanic Ministry
Jun Cabantug--Filipino Ministry
Dustin Punzel—Sports Ministry
Jean Lovett—Women’s Ministries
Peggie Webb—Compassionate Ministries
Linda Wallace--Family Life
Steve Swartz--Men's Ministry
Janice Bray--Counselling Ministry
Karin Gallina--Celebrate Recovery
Jamie Covington--Homeless Ministry

* Board member by virtue of office