Growing up, I had this incredible pastor. His name was John Sowers and he was my pastor from 10th – 12th grade. Looking back, I can see that he had such a profound impact on my teenage years. He greatly impacted my life by investing so much time and energy into helping me become a man after God’s heart. In college, I had a person named George who also had such a huge impact on my life. He spent countless hours teaching me how to be a good husband and father. Not only did I have these two men who impacted my life, but I have had countless others. I can reflect and see so many people who made an impact on my life. 

 We all have had people who have impacted our lives. We all have certain people who have poured so much into each of us. Hebrew 13:7 says, “Remember your leaders, those who have spoken God's word to you. Think about the impact of their lives, and imitate their faith.” Thank God for each person who has impacted your life. Without these people pouring into us, we might not be who we are today. 

I was speaking to a friend recently about a person named Brandon who was making an impact in my life. My friend looked at me and asked me a simple question. He said, “Kevin, I am glad Brandon is impacting your life, but who’s life are you impacting?  Who are you pouring your life into?” 

I have a question for you today. Whose life are you impacting? What person are investing time, effort and energy into. I believe that we were not only created to be impacted by others, but we were created to make an impact in others. We get one chance to live our lives. My hope is that you would take the time to impact another life. Maybe one day someone will say that you made a profound impact on their life. 

Have an awesome week! 

Pastor Kevin