It’s amazing to think that one of the last commands that Jesus gave us was this. He said in Matthew 28, “Go and make disciples”. Jesus literally commissioned us to continue the mission that He began when He lived on earth. He basically said to each of us, continue the mission that I began. He said go and make disciples!
The question is often asked, what is a disciple? One commentary that I read said that simply a disciple is someone who is completely sold out for Jesus Christ. They are willing to follow Christ no matter what the cost. I love this definition. To think that Jesus desires two things from us! First He wants us to be disciples (to be committed followers of Him) and then He wants us to go and make disciples.
I have a question for you as you read this piece. How well are you doing at making disciples? How serious do you take this command? For most of us, we just do not take this commission from Jesus seriously. I want to challenge you to change this. 
Start making disciples today. Start making totally committed followers in Jesus.
Here are some ways to make disciples:
1.)    Pray – Start praying that God would help you to make disciples.
2.)    Model Christ – Start living out the Gospel. Start living lives just like Jesus. Live lives of compassion, forgiveness and love.
3.)    Testify – Simply just start sharing Jesus with others. Begin explaining to others all that Christ has done for you. Share your story.
Will you accept this commission to go and make disciples? Will you accept it today? 
Have a great week! 

Gateway Admin