Wow Gateway Nazarene! This past Sunday night we hosted a dinner to honor the country of Haiti and to seek ways that we can help with the advancement of the Gospel in this country. We met Fritz and his wife who run an orphanage in Haiti that impacts around 20 kids. These kids each receive three meals a day, medical care, education and they each hear the Gospel. We set a goal of raising $10,000 to help Fritz be able to open an entire new building that will impact an additional 20 new kids. I am so excited to report that over $15,000 was raised or committed! This was a miracle of God! Fritz and his wife were so thankful for your generosity. 
This week Fritz will be shopping around for a new building and will be speaking with 20 small orphan children about moving into his orphanage. Because of this partnership with Gateway Nazarene, we are literally bringing in 20 orphans off of the street and into the care of Fritz and his wife. This $15,000 will go directly to make this happen! Fritz does not take a salary nor does he have administrative costs. This $15,000 will be directly invested into these orphans. This is life changing money for this country. I got an email from a lady yesterday that said, “I think we just witnessed a miracle at the Haiti dinner”. I would agree 100%. 
God is using you Gateway. In the past four months, God has used you to begin a brand new 520 Saturday night service that is reaching so many with the Gospel. God is using you to begin a Hispanic ministry that meets every Sunday here at the church. God is using you to begin a new church work at 29Palms. And now God is using you to change the lives of orphans in Haiti! I am so thankful to God that He gives us the privilege of serving Him!
Thank you! God bless! 
-Pastor Kevin

Gateway Admin