A great quote I heard a few weeks back was this, “Jesus can do more with 12 committed disciples than with 1200 consumers”. I have a question for you today. Are you a disciple of Jesus Christ or are you a consumer of Jesus Christ? What is the difference you might ask…
A consumer is someone who just buys services or goods. It is someone who just consumes something. For instance it is just someone who goes through the motions with Jesus. They show up for church on Sunday and then leave the church and deny Christ with their lifestyle.
A disciple is someone who is totally committed to Jesus. They come to church on Sunday and then live totally committed lives for Christ alone every day. They serve Him in good times and in bad times.
Today we live in a consumer driven society. We live in a world that just says use this service and then when it gets hard, discontinue that service. However as Christians our call is to be different. We are never called to be consumers but we are called to be disciples.
May you be a disciple of Jesus! May your life be totally committed to Christ! Be a disciple and not a consumer.
Have an awesome week! 
 --Pastor Kevin