Grace Abounds Daily

I am overwhelmed on a daily basis at the magnitude of God’s grace. God’s grace cannot be explained by any words that I have. Not only has God’s grace saved us from our sin but every single day, God pours out His grace over our lives. This incredible truth still amazes me even as I write this devotion. 
Gateway Church has been tasked with the incredible responsibility of sharing God’s grace with the world. We live in a world full of trouble and pain. And our response to this is to simply continue to share God’s grace to this world that desperately needs to hear it! 
In order for us to continue to the mission and vision that God has given us to share His grace at Gateway, I wanted to share some ways that you can help in the life of the church! 
1.) Address conflicts – Conflicts are bound to happen in our church. Conflicts are just a fact of life. However, each and every time that a conflict happens, simply go to the person and address it and get it cleared up. 
2.) Pray every day at 10:02am. Early on in our ministry together at Gateway, I challenged you to pray every day at 10:02am. This is in reference to Luke 10:2. Pray for the harvest and pray for the workers.
3.) Protect unity – Unity is vital to the mission of our church. Help us in protecting unity by sharing encouraging words, staying loyal to each other and offering a helping hand when needed. 
4.) Addressing your pastor’s shortcomings – This one is very important! I know that I am 33 years old and I know that sometimes I can be aggressive. However, if you ever need anything (prayer, encouragement, etc.) just let me know. If I ever offend you in any way just let me know so we can clear it up. I can say with certainty that I would never offend you intentionally. If you ever have issues with anything in the life of the church, please just let me know. Let’s address it instead of sweeping problems under the rug. 
5.) Offer continued financial support – As in any house, it takes money to continue to function. This coming Sunday is the last Sunday of the month and I would encourage you to continue to help with the mission of the church. We had an incredible month of giving for April and I believe that May can be even better. We want to continue to expand our ministries, reach out more effectively and continue to seek new ways to love through our missions. I am so thankful for your giving! Please continue to help us with giving!  If you want to know specific ways in which your giving can help us, please feel free to email me at 
God’s grace is amazing! Let’s work together to continue to share this grace!
In Christ,
Pastor Kevin