Gateway Children's Quiz Team

Children’s Quizzing has been created as a study of the Bible for children 1st-6th grade. Each study has 20 lessons (called Dig Sites) dedicated to the study of an entire book(s) of the Bible. This Bible study provides the body of information that is used as the basis for children’s quizzing competitions. 

Our quiz coaches are Tina Wallace and Jennifer Mekkelsen, and each week they meet with our quiz team to help build quizzers' spiritual vocabulary as they learn to incorporate FAITH WORDS into their everyday lives. Characteristics of God are revealed in these weekly Dig Sites to help children learn who God is, what He is like, and how He interacts with people. 

Scope and Sequence for 2018-2022:

Studies in Acts (2018-19)
Studies in Genesis (2019-20)
Studies in Exodus (2020- 21)
Studies in Joshua, Judges, and Ruth (2021-22)

2018/2019 curriculum will be the book of ACTS

2018/2019 curriculum will be the book of ACTS