The teen years have been described in many ways, and are often thought of as turbulent times. At Gateway you can find support, friendship, guidance, and a place to belong. Pastor Wally and his team of volunteers are passionate about creating a comfortable space and crafting activities that are inspirational and fun. Did we mention that there could be trips to Disneyland? Stop by on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings and check out all that Gateway's Youth ministry has to offer. 

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Pastor Wally Yeager and his wife, Susan, have been serving at Gateway since 2014. They are passionate about hanging out with Fusion Youth and helping them mature in their lifelong journey as Christ-followers.

Pastor Wally Yeager brings the Word.

Pastor Wally Yeager brings the Word.

Nazarene Youth Conference happens every 4 years, and is a life-changing opportunity. Fusion students are planning to attend and need your support and prayers as they save, plan and pray about how God is going to rock their world!

Suicide has become the 10th leading cause of death in America. That is simply unacceptable. If you have questions or concerns for your student or yourself checkout this organization and reach out for help.